Bacillus subtilis
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Bacillus subtilis

Bacillus subtilis for inoculation of seeds and use in horticulture result in obviously better germination of seeds, better supply for the plants and defence of harmful mould.

Bacillus subtilis

Basic principle

Our compounds contain strains of Bacillus subtilis. These strains are isolates from the environment, selected by different tests.
The strains are selected and matched to fulfill to aims for the plants: germination and growth are influenced positively, and the plants are strengthened pre-emptively against harmful mould like snow mould.
The spores of bacillus subtilis are sold in liquid. As the spores (endospores) are a resistant dormant body, the compound is storable extremely long. These bacteria survive even unfavourable conditions, and are extremely strong.
The compound can be used in different ways. Direct inoculation of the seeds, distribution as liquid on existing cultures, as well as distribution in combination with liquid fertilizers.


  • Considerable better germination of the seeds
  • Conditioning of nutrients in the soil, so that they are plant available
  • Defence of harmful mould

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