Basic chemicals
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Basic chemicals

Basic chemicals are the raw material for many other industrial products. Especially the recovery of bio- butanol as energy source gains more and more importance. With our partners, the Technical University of Munich, the Bavarian Union of Millers (bayerischer Müllerbund e.V.) as well as the network Industrial Biotechnology Bavaria in a feasibility study a process was invented, to produce bio-butanol from byproducts of milling.

Basic chemicals

Basic principle

Tons of byproducts of milling like middlings or bran incur every year. Commercialization of these products is expensive and there mostly not profitable. Fritzmeier Umwelttechnik has developed, together with its project partners, a feasibility study for a process to make these residual products accessible for other applications.
The bacterial fermentation of byproducts of milling with high performance strains achieves superior yields of butanol, whose capabilities are manifold and promising. It is used, amongst others, as solvent for pigments, supplement to polish and cleaning agents, as extracting agent for the recovery of drugs, or as raw material for the production of chemicals for flotation. At the same time, it is suited as plasticiser or eluent for thin- layer chromatography or paper chromatography. In particular, butanol is presumed to be the green fuel of tomorrow, as it has a higher energy density in comparison to ethanol. It is added to fuels already today.


  • Ecological reasonable usage of byproducts
  • Economically rewarding and new trade channels
  • Investment in the fuel of the future

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