Coalsi side inlet filter
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Coalsi side inlet filter

The coalsi side inlet filter is the perfect odour barrier especially for side inlets at streets. The filter with special hybrid activated carbon mats is used for malodour treatment from sewage manholes, pump and collecting ducts.

Coalsi side inlet filter

Basic principle

The innovative side inlet filter was especially designed for the treatment of odourous gas emissions. Compact, with high performance and breathable are the attributes that characterize the side inlet filter. The hybrid charcoal mats do not constrain the gas flow. As a consequence, a large filter area and thus a maximized operating life time are accomplished. A removable ring keeps the mats in position and enables an exchange of filter mats.


  • Open for diffusion; natural gas exchange in the canal system is possible and prevents chemical and microbial induced corrosion; this saves investment costs
  • Toxic and odourous substances are held back by the combined filter material and degraded biologically
  • Simple handling
  • Construction for passive aeration
  • High operating life time
  • Fast and cost-efficient filter replacement
  • Compact and robust construction


00.2012.10 coalsi Straßenseiteneinlauf – Kurzform rund Ø 385 mm

Side inlet filter – short version, round Ø 385 mm
Article No. 00.2012.10
Installation depth: 250 mm

Attached impervious blanked made of soft rubber; filter module based on DIN4052.



00.2012.31 coalsi Nachrüst-Hybridmattenmodul rund

Hybrid charcoal mats for retrofitting -round
Article No. 00.2012.30
Suitable for article No. 00.2012.10


00.2012.20 coalsi Straßenseiteneinlauf - Kurzform segmentiert

00.2012.20 coalsi Straßenseiteneinlauf - Kurzform segmentiert

Side inlet filter – short version, segmented
Article No. 00.2012.20
Size: l 395 mm x w 270 mm

Atached impervious blanked made of soft rubber; filter module based on DIN4052.



00.2012.31 coalsi Nachrüst-Hybridmattenmodul segmentiert

hybrid charocal mats for retrofitting –
Article No. 00.2012.31
Suitable for article No. 00.2012.20


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