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coalsi Street- channel filter

The coalsi Street- channel filter is the combined filter solution for odourous gas emissions from canals, allowing a completely trouble- free surface drainage on the same time. Various installation options fit in almost all street manholes.

Coalsi Street- channel filter

Basic principle

Whether for street manholes or side inlets – coalsi street-channel filters eliminate odours effectively without impact on surface drainage. Based on the patented siphon technique, the retention capacity of the drainage system for waste water is not reduced. The system simultaneously enables an unobstructed water drainage and a uniform distribution of air flow through the activated carbon mats.


  • Largest filter area possible
  • Safe and easy handling
  • Installation options suitable for a variety of road gullies
  • no manual irrigation necessary, even during long dry season
  • Maximized operating life time through combined filter solutions (chemical, physical and biological)

00.2011.OL00.2011.OL coalsi Hybrid-Aktivkohlefilter Ø 682,5 mmHybrid activated carbon filter Ø 682,5mm
Article No. 00.2011.OL
Installation depth: 277 mm
Filter diameter: Ø 443 mm
For manhole frames DN625, DIN19584, D400
00.2011.OS00.2011.OS coalsi Hybrid-Aktivkohlefilter Ø 628 mmHybrid activated carbon filter Ø 628 mm,
with smooth concrete walls

Article No. 00.2011.OS
Installation depth: 277 mm
Filter diameter: Ø 443 mm
For manhole frames DN625, DIN19584, D400
00.2011.0100.2011.01 coalsi Hybrid-Aktivkohlefilter Ø 800 mmHybrid activated carbon filter Ø 800 mm
Article No. 00.2011.01
Installation depth: 277 mm
Filter diameter: Ø 443 mm
For manhole frames DN800, DIN19584, D400


00.2012.06 coalsi Upgrade Hybrid-Aktivkohlefiltersatz

Upgrade hybrid activated carbon filter and siphon system from Ø 448 mm up to Ø 443 mm
Article No. 00.2012.06
Suitable for the following article: 00.2001.00m


00.2012.443 coalsi Nachrüst-Hybridmattenmodul

Hybrid charcoal mats for retrofitting
Ø 443 mm
Aritcle No. 00.2012.443
Suitable for the following articles:
· 00.2011.0S
· 00.2012.70EST
· 00.2011.CH
· 00.2011.0L
· 00.2012.70MST
· 00.2011.01
· 00.2012.70MSTD


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