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Contract fermentation

We offer customized solutions for fermentations and support, depending on job definition. By using pure cultures, in combination with excellent externally checked quality management, we guarantee first-class product safety. We realise the cultivation of bacteria, yeasts and fungi – from strain isolation to technical scale production.

Contract fermentation

Basic principle

In our in-house laboratories we ferment pure cultures of microorganisms according to customers´ specifications. Furthermore we take on the isolation of microorganisms with particular metabolic properties from environmental samples. Isolation under site-specific conditions is followed by purification and concentration, subsequent strain identification by 16S rRNA analysis, and proof of hazard in accordance with the TRBA (Technical Rule for Biological Agents).
Extended laboratory examinations encompass the detection of microbial respiration capacity as well as the determination of microbial degradation of specific target substances. For the technical scale production we finally evaluate the scale-up together with an improvement of the fermentation process.
The production capacity ranges from 10 to several 1000 liters.
The spectrum for cultivation temperature ranges from 10 to 40 degrees Celsius.
Depending on customers´ demand we realize a sterile filling of the product in different package sizes.
During the entire process we ensure ongoing communication with the customer. Do not hesitate to contact us for the cultivation of thermophilic and anaerobic microorganisms.


  • Enrichment and environmental risk assessment of microorganisms
  • Determination of growth kinetics as well as degradation kinetics of specific substances
  • Optimization of media and process
  • Quality management and continuous improvement
  • Isolation of microorganisms from environmental samples in cooling chambers and room temperature possible
  • Experimental setup and monitoring


In case of cultivation of customized microorganisms the following requirements must be fulfilled: the strains correspond to the risk group 1 in accordance with TRBA and may not be genetically modified.

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