Filter cartridges
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Filter cartridges

Wherever odours from sewage manholes, pump and collecting ducts or roof vents occur, the volumetric capacity of the used filter system has to match the needs. For these applications, the coalsi cartridge filters have proven their versatility.

Filter cartridges

Basic principle

Filter cartridges comprise an innovative hybrid activated carbon technique enabling aktiv or passive suction of odourous gas emissions from pump ducts, processing plants and refineries. Due to the modular design, customized configurations are possible according to local conditions. To maintain an effective odour reduction, we recommend the regular filter replacement based on loading and concentration.


  • Customer-oriented solution
  • Adaptable high filtration performance (filter area and volume)
  • Optimized installation according to customers´ requirements
  • Easy filter replacement


00.2007.WK coalsi Wandkassetten


Filter cartridges
Article No. 00.2007.WKlenght 1,85m, width 0,85mSpecial solutions on request


00.2015.VM coalsi Volumenmax evo II

Volumenmax evo II
Article No. 00.2015.VMThe individual solution in compact design requiring only a small ground area.

Lenght 1,3m, width 1,3m, height approx.. 3,3m

Special solution on request


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