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In cold months every year the same scenario is provided: to ensure a fast and safe operation, several 1000 tons of de-icers for airplanes and runways are used. The responsible handling of de-icer containing melt water can cause substantial costs. These costs can be reduced with our system inocre airport.

Inocre airport

Basic principle

Our treatment system inocre airport is adapted flexibly – depending on winter situation – on the amount of de-icers, and degrades them reliably. Additional investments, for example additional drainage channels on the fringes of sealed areas or other building measures like extension of storage basins can be economised. The treatment system inocre aiport can be used for different fields of application. The possibilities for application range from degradation of de-icers in liquids (e.g. storage basins) to treatment of unsealed surface areas. Inocre airport enhances as an integrated, customized treatment concept the natural degradation of de-icers at lower temperatures.


  • Saving of costs by degradation of TOC from de-icing agents on-site, integration of existing infrastructure
  • Robust system by using microorganisms that degrade TOC from de-icers even at lower temperatures
  • Air traffic is not affected
  • No negative ecological effects on soil and groundwater

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