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Your system for intelligent crop management.

New scientificfindings show that only an intelligent sensor-based system is capable of giving the crop exactly what it needs. The ISARIA system has been developed in keeping with these findings, enabling the optimum use of the yield capability of the soil. This means fertilisers or pesticides are used precisely at that place where they are actually needed in the field. Using the example of nitrogen fertilisation, this means even nitrogen balances – not just with regard to the whole field, but at every place within the field.


Discover an optimum, balanced crop management system and learn how your business and the environment can benefit. The ISARIA system will add precision to your crop farming management, providing for optimum use of the yield potential of your fields, and increasing the quality of your products and economic efficiency at the same time.

 Usable during day and night
 Optimal use of yield potentials
 Highest economic efficiency
 User-friendly operation
 Highest measuring accuracy


Areas of use and principle

The areas of use of the ISARIA are, of course, as varied as crop farming itself. On the basis of the measurement values used by the ISARIA, the system can also be used for the following applications:

  • Site specific nitrogen fertilisation
  • Site specific application of growth regulators
  • Biomass-dependent application of desiccants
  • Crop monitoring and nitrogen-uptake scanning
  • Basic fertilisation (according to application map)

The ISARIA principle

Agricultural fields are often characterized by their large heterogeneity. Sites with varying yield potential require an adapted crop farming management. It’s precisely here that the ISARIA system comes into play, bringing your business economic as well as ecological benefits.


  • No calibration required
  • Measuring of the current plant growth
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Highly sensitive measuring technology
  • Up to 2000 measurement values per second
  • Robust LED lighting technology
  • Active measuring system – day and night
  • Free from external influences (course of the day, dew wet, solar radiation, etc.)


  • Precise mapping of the nutritional status
  • Long years of testing of all crops
  • Needs-based crop management
  • Establishing the optimum application amount
  • No saturation effect in the measuring range
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Individual software in modular form
  • Immediate data evaluation


  • Control of application technology via RS232
  • Precisely dosed, needs-based application
  • Logging and georeferenced recording of the amount of fertilisers or pesticides used


  • Highest economic efficiency
  • Utilizing yield potential
  • Better and more consistent product quality
  • Avoids lodging
  • Ecologically advantageous
  • ISARIA – intelligent, efficient, sustainable

Setting us apart from the rest: the ISARIA system.

The agronomical approach of the ISARIA-system is unique in the market. As an example it should be referred to the absolute fertilising system following the approach online with map overlay. We will now introduce you how this system is working:
Yield potential maps are linked to scientifically established reference values and the highly sensitive measuring data from all areas of the field. Only in this way can an economic and ecological form of crop nutrition be guaranteed. Thus, each sub-plot receives exactly the amount of nutrients to maximise the yield and keep the N balances in equilibrium.



‘By means of the ISARIA sensor, I can use valuable resources where I need them. Precise placement of nutrients taking into account yield zones reduces over-fertilisation, improves the qualities and protects the groundwater.’

Carl Christian Koehler, Siestedt Agrar GmbH, Germany


‘With 32 to 84 soil points in an 18 ha fi eld – optimum fertilisation is only possible with the use of the ISARIA. What’s unique on the market is the linking of yield potential maps to the scanned data of crops. Moreover, since 2011, on-farm-trials carried out show more consistent protein levels with a significantly optimized N fertiliser balance.’

Torsten Reim, Reim GbR, Germany


‘On my farm I’ve tested all the available sensor-based systems extensively.
In the process, I found the ISARIA completely convincing, courtesy of its precise measuring accuracy as well as its independence of solar radiation
and rain. That’s why I now also use it for haulm regulation in my potatoes.
I was only able to detect measurably higher yields with the ISARIA, I no
longer use anything else.’

Jacob van den Borne, Van Den Borne Aardappelen, the Netherlands


‘The estate management “Graf von der Schulenburg” has already
been using the ISARIA system for several years. Since then we’ve produced
additional yields of up to fi ve per cent. In contrast, we’ve cut back on fertiliser – an expensive farming input – by three to fi ve per cent.’

Jan Plümecke, estate mangagement Graf v. d. Schulenburg, Germany



Results in research and practice

In on-farm-trials and strip trials at independent institutes in Europe lasting several years, an average annual surplus of above €60 per hectare was achieved compared to farm typical fertilisation. With the increasing heterogeneity of soils, profi tability even rose up to €150 per hectare and more.

The ISARIA system pays off:

Example: Farmed area by ISARIA-System:200 haisaria_pic10
Average annual surplus:60 Euro/ha
Annual surplus (whole area):12.000 Euro

And that’s only by using it with N fertilisation!



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