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Mould is a real survivalist – unfortunately very often in our living quarters. The mould spores are harmful to humans. The microorganisms of BioTaurus Mould-X can put things right: they stop mould reliably and in the long term without chemicals and poisons.


Basic principle:

Mould-X is an absolutely biological cleaning agent with microorganisms for the usage in areas vulnerable for mould like damp cellars, bathrooms, living rooms and bedrooms. By applying BioTaurus Mould-X after removing mould manually, the special BioTaurus microorganisms from an invisible protective film. This barrier prevents afresh mould formation.
The little helpers work specifically on nearly all surfaces, even very structured, in joints and cracks. The simply mechanical mode of action without chemicals and poisons is absolutely harmless.


  • 100 per cent biological and contaminant-free
  • Maximum effectivity
  • Made in Germany
  • Preventative and sustainable

250 ml are sufficient for the treatment of approx. 3 m2. Preclean mold covered area with water or soft soap, apply Mold-X homogenously with a sponge and let have an effect for 8-12 h. Repeat the treatment the next day. Extremely efficient!

Lebende Stammkulturen (Mikroorganismen Klasse 1) in einer Nährlösung mit pflanzlichen und mineralischen Stoffen. Schimmel-X deckt ab und beruht auf einem mechanischen Effekt durch das Auftragen. Es unterliegt somit nicht der Biozidverordnung.

Art.-Nr.: 10 15 00 0250 250 ml/250 g
Art.-Nr.: 10 15 00 0500 500 ml/500 g

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