Odour-X biowaste / waste containers
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Odour-X biowaste / waste containers

The microorganisms of Odour-X biowaste / waste containers eliminate malodours from waste containers permanently and without chemicals. They are specially adapted on this environment, unfolding their maximum impact.
Special recommendation: This product helps to neutralise malodour everywhere it occurs: around waste, nappy bin, at the kitchen sink, in shoe cabinets, in duffle bags, in wardrobes or in vehicles. The range of application is wide.

Odour-X biowaste / waste containers

Basic principle

The BioTaurus microorganisms decompose the odourous waste products from bacteria who live from organic waste. The more malodourous substances occur, the more they proliferate and thus degrade them very effectively. The microorganisms from Micro-X waste and waste container are specially adapted on this environment, unfolding their maximum impact. Odours are reduced simply biologically and permanently. Microorganisms and natural ingredients for lasting odour reduction and prevention. Odour-X on the vacuum cleaner bag eliminates the typical unpleasant smell.
Common air fresheners cover annoying odours simply by aggressive perfumes. Odour-X decomposes smelling bacteria in the long term. The microorganisms metabolize the odourous substances and provide a permanent effect.


  • No more unpleasant odours
  • No smell from the waste container
  • The busy microorganisms eliminate all odour particles and neutralize them 100 per cent natural
  • Microorganisms with long term effect
  • Simple spraying and extra fine spray
Odour-X biowaste / waste containers

Spray / attach to the waste in the bio-waste container homogenously as needed. Few drops are sufficient. Extremely efficient!

Wasser, Mikroorganismen Klasse 1, Lavandinöl (biologisch produziert), Makronährelemente, Mikronährelemente, organische Säuren.
Art.-Nr.: 20 20 00 0250 250 ml/250 g
Art.-Nr.: 20 20 00 0500 500 ml/500 g
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Zugelassen als ökologisches Betriebsmittel

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