Odour-X kitchens
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Odour-X kitchens

Drain cleaners are mostly aggressive and harmful to health, furthermore they pollute the environment. BioTaurus Odour-X kitchens eliminates unpleasant odours and provides long-lasting freshness without the application of chemicals, and in harmony with man and nature.

Odour-X kitchens

Basic principle:

In the kitchen and in the bathroom organic substances (e.g. grease, traces of food, hair, soap, skin particles) enter the siphon of the basin and are like feed pellets for malodourous bacteria. BioTaurus microorganisms degrade the smelling waste products of these bacteria und keep the siphon fresh and clean. In no time after application smell is bound and the lavender scent is dispersed.
The special microorganisms of Odour-X settle long-term, replace other bacteria and thus keep the siphon fresh and clean. Odourous substances are degraded biologically and permanently.
Advice: Do not use in combination with other chemical drain cleaners, as the chemicals will harm the “micro-helpers”.


  • Put an end to unpleasant smells
  • No smell from drains
  • The busy microorganisms eliminate all odour particles and neutralize them 100 per cent natural
    Microorganisms with long term effect
Odour-X kitchens

Pour 50 ml with attached beaker undiluted over the drain or toilet that should be treated. No watering, allow to have an effect for 12 hours (e.g. overnight).The organic particles attached to drain and tubes will be degraded. Use regularly (approx. twice per month). Extremely efficient!

Wasser, Mikroorganismen Klasse 1, Lavandinöl (biologisch produziert), Makronährelemente, Mikronährelemente, organische Säuren.

Art.-Nr.: 20 15 00 0250 250 ml/250 g
Art.-Nr.: 20 15 00 0500 500 ml/500 g größere Gebinde auf Anfrage

Zugelassen als ökologisches Betriebsmittel

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