Odour-X pets
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Odour-X pets

Eliminates odours naturally without chemicals. Dog blankets, cat toilets or pet cages are the ideal environment for the BioTaurus Odour-X microorganisms. These bacteria feed on the excrements and degrade them reliably. Smell is neutralized reliably.

Odour-X pets

Basic principle

The BioTaurus microorganisms degrade odourous excrements of pets fast and reliable. The microorganisms of Odour-X are especially adapted and grow with the amount of excrements. They degrade the odourous substances efficiently and prevent odour nuisance in the long term. The completely biological mode of action without chemicals and poisonous substances is absolutely compatible for animals and humans. Ideal for odour reduction in living quarters e.g. on textiles, carpets and upholstery.


  • Put an end to unpleasant smells
  • No malodour from cat toilets, dog blankets or pet cages
  • The busy microorganisms eliminate all odour particles and neutralize them 100 per cent natural
  • Microorganisms with long term effect
  • Simple spraying and extra fine spra
Odour-X pets

Few drops or sprays over the cat toilet, into the pet cage or onto spots in the living quarter. Allow to have an effect for approx.. 12 hours. Extremely efficient!


Wasser, Mikroorganismen Klasse 1, Lavandinöl (biologisch produziert), Makronährelemente, Mikronährelemente, organische Säuren
Art.-Nr.: 20 25 00 0250 250 ml/250 g
Art.-Nr.: 20 25 00 0500 500 ml/500 g

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Zugelassen als ökologisches Betriebsmittel

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