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Profi 60 / 90

The optimum soil sampling device for determination of nitrogen.

The full automatic equipment’s Profi 60 and Profi 90 are the only systems which are recognized by the State Institute for Agriculture in Bavaria, because during pulling the soil samples, a up to three-stage exact layer division without mixing the samples is possible.

Profi 60 / 90

Basic principle

A also for the application in stony soils designed drilling geometry allows the drill to be elastic and almost silently drilling his way through the soil, without suffering plastic deformation. In addition, the drills are coated with a special coating for durability.

Through the interaction of sensors and actuators via an intelligent software run the actions drilling, extracting the sample and sample container filling controlled and automatically. The operating states are permanently collected, analyzed and transmitted to the operator through a color display in the operator terminal. Settings such as depth, number and depth of the layers, day counter, etc. are made quickly and conveniently from the driver’s station. Contactless and thus insensitive to dirt induction switch increase the operational reliability and accuracy of processes.
The system is designed for mounting on a 3-point link of a tractor, but can also be mounted on SUVs, pickup, ATV and light vehicles.


  • Patented, noiseless sampling principle; fully automatic sampling by filling the drill threads when screwing in and pulling out the auger without any rotation. Metallic aglets clear the threads and deposit the samples up to three desired depths during the following drilling procedure.
  • Especially designed drilling geometry for suited sample sizes, little energy demanded for torque, little soil compaction, good elasticity of the auger in the soil resulting in extended lifetime.
  • Comfortable operation and monitoring of the drilling process via touch screen from the driver‘s seat.  The period of one machine cycle is noticeably less than one minute.
  • Robust control devices and electromechanics provide very high operational reliability.
  • Low-maintenance induction sensors monitor reliably the state of the mechanic and hydraulic system
  • After detection of obstacles in the soil, the system control enables the correct allocation of samples during process continuation at up to 100 directly successive drill cycles with obstacle hits.
  • Simple and quick exchange of the only two wearing parts: auger and clearing aglets.

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