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Legumes (fodder plants) need a lot of nitrogen for growth. One of the best possibilites for nitrogen supply is the symbiosis with rhizobia. With the usage of our bacterial strains, we guarantee the perfect growth for your fodder plants.


Basic principle

To ensure an optimum supply with nitrogen from the beginning, the seeds are inoculated with specific strains of rhizobia at sowing. This has a positive effect on the plant right from germination. The rhizobia attach to the roots and bind nitrogen, making it plant available. Additionally, they solve the phosphate in the soil partially, making it accessible for plants. The plants grow bigger and are healthier, giving a considerably higher yield than plants that are not inoculated.
We deliver rhizobia strains tailored to your specific needs, for the inoculation of your seeds, and guarantee a considerably improved plant growth and higher yields than with seeds that are not inoculated.


  • Improved growth and higher yield
  • Custom- designed strains for legumes like soy, alfalfa, clover, lupin, pea, bean, etc
  • Customer-specific amount deliverable
  • Highest quality standards

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